Friday, September 19, 2014

Free Track - MCD & Castaneda vs Olly James - Artillery

Tonight we have a massive track from Olly James and his friends from Mexico, MCD & Castaneda, they hit us with a peaktime Big Room, festival banger titled "Artillery", that is sure to spice up your database!!!

Here is what Olly James has to say about this fantastic track - 

"Proud to present this new track in collaboration with my Mexican friends MCD & Castaneda, free for you guys! Always been a huge fan of these boys work & they're already hugely supported by the likes of Blasterjaxx, Diplo, Bassjackers & many more!"

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Free Mix - DJ Shwann - Live at Ultra Music Festival 2014

DJ Shwann hits us with an epic mix from his live performance at Ultra Music Festival this year!!!

Join Shwann as he lays down massive peaktime tracks on the Pavilion Stage, making thousands of people go into a dance frenzy, slamming body's and ears with some of his own bangin tunes and many more!!!

DJ Shwann at Ultra Music Festival 2014

01. - Bang La Decks ft. D'jordan Armani "Utopia" 
02. - Daddy's Groove & Congorock "Synthemilk" 
03. - George Acosta ft. Danielle Simeone "Missing You" Andrew Parsons & Shwann Remix
04. - John Sausage "Sophisticated Equipment" 
05. - Gareth Emery ft. Krewella "Lights & Thunder"
06. - Mind Electric "Dimension" 
07. - Alexander Popov "Quantum"
08. - Kayliox & Shwann "Alpha 2.0" 
09. - Shwann "Katana" 
10. - Congorock & Nom De Strip "Minerals" 
11. - Beatz Projekted & Shwann "Shock 2.0" Shwann VIP Edit
12. - Shwann "Shrapnel"
13. - Jayden Parx "Otherside" 
14. - Shwann & 2Blastguns & Thomas Penton vs The Chainsmokers "Counter" CompleteJ Mashup
15. - Shwann & E-VO "Body Slam" 
16. - Shwann "Hurricano" 

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Free Mix - Kick'n It w/ Btz aka Sneaker & The Dryer #010 - September 10th 2014

Yes yes, it's that time again!!!! The newest episode of "Kick'n It w/ Btz aka Sneaker & The Dryer" is out, and man does this one have some purely epic tunes that are mixed to the edge and beyond by the bassline specialist himself S&D!!!

This week Sneaker & The Dryer plays almost 50 bangin tracks from artists such as DJ Shwann, Armand Van Helden, Dizzee Rascal, Case and Point, Pyramid, James Egbert, Feed Me, Cedric Gervais, Beatz Projekted, and many, many more!!!

Download the full 320 quality mp3 below and be sure to watch the madness on the live stream video of the show!!!

Kick'n It w/ Btz aka Sneaker & The Dryer #010 - September 10th 2014

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Release - KIR351 - Beatz Projekted - Vot Tak

In KIR351 we see a unique side of the one like Beatz Projekted as he hits us with the cheeky Melbourne-esque Electro House floor groover, “Vot Tak”! Whether it’s the rolling and bending leads or the swing of a myriad of sounds, Beatz Projekted knocks this one out of the park dropping a full on original the likes of which we have never seen!!!

Starting off with large kicks, percussion like that of a ticking clock, deeps leads, high synths, and snappy snares, Beatz Projekted builds up cleanly to the triplet powered meat of “Vot Tak” that’s perfectly driven by the pitch and bend of Melbourne infused leads and vibes!

Containing only one short and sweet atmospheric breakdown, Beatz Projekted certainly knows how DJ’s mix giving us a slamming original track that will have the dance floor in a frenzy, rocking out to the unrelenting energy that’s held within “Vot Tak”!!!

First up on remix duties is The Element and man does he know what moves a crowd! Trading in the high bending of leads for a deeper and richer groove, The Element is somehow able to keep the cheekiness of the original alive while still giving us a more Progressive and filtered sound! With a short mix in he delivers an upbeat rendition of “Vot Tak” that chugs on for days and only takes breaks when necessary giving a funkier feel to the Electro House genre!!!

Lastly we have a killer, peaktime, synth drivin banger from G-Line! This time he hits us hard with dance gnarliness of epic proportion giving us two short but massive Trance synth injected breakdowns; this track is all about being as mean as mean can be and he accomplishes that goal within seconds of his hauntingly large remix of “Vot Tak”!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 09-15-2014

Support From

The Crystal Method - "Killer tunes!"

Farace - "Big work! Support!"

Wavewhore - "Nice hard hitting beats… good funk & energy!"

Audio:Hertz - "This whole release is the dogs bollox!!!"

Bootz Saint - Another banger!"

Radio Corsaro - "Good remix ;) insert on Radio Corsaro!"

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Free Track - Miami Rockz - The AaaRrr - Shwann Shockwave Remix

Awe yeah!!! The one like DJ Shwann is at it again!!! This time he hits us with a groovy Big Room remix of Miami Rockz' "The AaaRrr", dropping massive amounts of synths and Progressive like side-chained movement that will have the dance floor in an uproar!!!

Here's what Shwann has to say about this fantastic new banger - 

"Took an already great track from Miami Rockz and added a few sounds to the intro and outtro, gave it a fresh new mixdown, and remastered it for maximum "Big-Boom" impact. Enjoy the free download!"

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