Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Free Track - 3rd Prototype & Shwann - Psycho

3rd Prototype and Shwann are back again!!! This time around they drop an all out, balls to the wall, Big Room banger on the masses with their new free release "Psycho"!!!

"Psycho" has to be one of the meanest, nastiest, Electro fueled dance-floor epics that has come out in years! With their combined efforts 3rd Prototype and Shwann deliver a perfect track, a smooth 1 minute mix-in, two atmospheric and down right sexy breakdowns, a lengthy and rolling mix-out, and club powered meat that can catch the roof on fire in an instant!

Whether it the deep and pounding thump of sub bass, the melodic, reverb saturated multitude of interchanging leads, or the beautiful and spine-tingling breakdowns, if "Psycho" is a peak into what 2015 holds, we are in for a spectacular year!

Pick this track up for free by visiting the LINK below!!!   

Download Link - hypeddit.com/shwann

Shwann on Facebook - facebook.com/SamuraiShwann

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Free Track - Je Boogie - Big Fat

Starting off the month of March right with some funky fresh sounds is the one like Je Boogie with his new free release "Big Fat"!!!

This big booty rocker is a short but sweet club banger that is sure to go down like a charm every time its played, Je Boogie makes it abundantly clear that "Big Fat" is a hard hitting Breakbeat thrasher!!!

Je Boogie on Facebook - facebook.com/thejeboogieofficial

Je Boogie on Youtube - youtube.com/user/thejeboogieofficial

Friday, February 27, 2015

Free Track - Fisso & Spark- Looking Forward

Just in time for those weekend gigs is a cerebral peak-time Breakbeat chugger from the Austrian duo Fisso & Spark! They deliver waves of euphoria and still maintain a perfect balance of edgy sounds and soulfully deep sonic textures inside their new release "Looking Forward"!!!

A short but sweet mix-in leads to a quick build up as Fisso & Spark drop listeners into bouncing and grinding bass-line goodness as catchy and mysterious vocals fill the sound-scape with a wide range of reverb and delay, "Looking Forward" is a must for any Breaks-head!!

With a beautiful vocal fueled breakdown, and a mix-out that is almost 3 minutes long, Fisso & Spark unleash a fantastic track, giving us one more reason to love these two producers, and leaving us "Looking Forward" to their next release!!!

Fisso & Spark on Facebook - facebook.com/FissoandSpark

Fisso & Spark on Twitter - twitter.com/AndreaFisso

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Free Track - Kaleida - Think - Breaking News Remix

Breaking News drops a down low, beat bumpin, Breakbeat remix of Kaleida's "Think", releasing waves of sub infused euphoria on the masses, as beautiful vocals take us to a far and distant land!!!

Keeping things consistent with the original, Breaking News delivers a perfect remix, keeping all the atmosphere and feeling well kicking the flavor up a notch with bouncing and rumbling basslines! 

With a lengthy mix-in and mix-out, a powerful and haunting breakdown, and meat that is so groovy not one person in this world could help but dance to the mystic sounds that are held within "Think"!!!

Breaking News on Facebook - facebook.com/officialbreakingnews

Breaking News on Twitter - twitter.com/breakingnews71

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - What Are You Doing?

The one like Dwaine Whyte has just released a brand new thrasher on the world, bashing listeners in the face with his original D&B banger "What Are You Doing?"!!!

A medley of gnarly sounds and sonic textures are thrown at listeners from the first second of "What Are You Doing?", as a half-time mix-in pushes us to the intense and energetic meat that is held within!

Dwaine Whyte hits us with a grinding Complextro esque assault, as deep bass smoothly leads us to a short lived brekadown, we are quickly thrown back into "What Are You Doing?" as a hard and precise arrangement of drums and sounds form one nasty and killer track, Dwaine Whyte once again delivers a fantastic club crusher!!! 

Dwaine Whyte on Facebook - facebook.com/djdwainewhyte

Dwaine Whyte on Twitter - twitter.com/djdwainewhyte